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  • Can I come to club training sessions if I'm not a member?
    Absolutely! We are a very welcoming club and we'd love to meet you, whether you live here in Dubai or you're just visiting. We also realise that you might like to "try out" a running club to see if it's the right fit for you before you join, which is why we allow non-members to run with us up to 3 times to get a feel for the club before we ask them to join.
  • Can I be a member of Desert Road Runners if I'm already a member of another running club?
    Of course! There is nothing to stop you being a member of as many running clubs as you wish and training with all of them. And if you decide to race, you can make the decision on which (if any) club you wish to represent, or even choose a different one each time.
  • I haven't run in a while and I'm not sure I'll be quick enough to keep up - do you have a slow group I could join?
    Each training session breaks down to different paced groups, so most people find there is a speed that's right for them. If you're still concerned then your best bet would be to attend one of the evening interval sessions to get a feel of the different paces for yourself - these sessions are performed using laps of the park so even if you are a little slower the groups will never be far away!
  • I am unable to afford your membership fees - is there any cheaper way to join?
    We try our best to keep our Membership fees as low as we can in order to allow our club to be as accessible to new members as possible. In the event of financial difficulties that make these fees unaffordable to you, please contact the club Membership Secretary in order to discuss any reductions we may be able to offer.
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