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Club training sessions are held three times per week (as detailed below) and members can attend as many of these training sessions as they wish. Members also get access to our weekly training plans, which are generally geared towards building up to various local races, including the Dubai Creek Half Marathon and the Dubai Marathon. Our training sessions are a great way to get to know other members and feel part of the club, as well as getting into great race shape, whatever your preferred distance! Non-members who wish to find out more about the club before they join are encouraged to attend up to 3 training sessions free of charge before they will be asked to take up membership. Hover over the session boxes below to find out more:


Marathon Participants


Time - 6am (summer), 7am (winter)

Location - Meadows Village Car Park (2nd, 3rd and 4th Friday of each month), Jumeirah Beach Running Track (1st Saturday of each month)

These are long slow training runs, usually between 75-180mins in length (length typically increases during the season as many members start preparing for longer races) and designed to build running endurance. We typically run in different paced groups suitable for their own speed, and there's usually a group to suit everyone!

Followed by social coffee to refuel and unwind from your efforts! 

Running Groups



Time - 6.00pm

Location - Al Barsha Pond Park perimeter running track, 1000m point

These interval training sessions typically consist of between 3 and 5 sets of around 1-3km each. Different groups tend to run at different paces, with the goal being to run around your target marathon or half-marathon race. But even if you're not training for a long distance race, these sessions are still great for building an aerobic base and getting some miles in a little bit faster than the Saturday Long Run. 

Couple Running



Time - 6.00pm

Location - Al Barsha Pond Park perimeter running track, 1000m point

These sessions typically consist of multiple repetitions each of between 100m and 400m. The goal is to run somewhere between 5km and 10km race pace (depending on the distance of the intervals), with breaks of between 1-2 minutes in between efforts. The aim of this training is to help you improve your speed, build your VO2max and condition you for shorter distances races. 

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